Welcome to DENIM CARE




The idea and ambition from a group of textile & garment wet application technologist that started as a seed 5 years ago has now developed into a beautiful tree. This tree will continue to be nurtured till it becomes a forest.


As you read on, you will understand that Denim Care has moved on from being a formulator with blending & mixing facility to a true manufacturer of textile auxiliaries and enzymes. In our new plant in Kulim, Kedah, production capacity had been increased with the installation of high tech machineries, equipments and glass-lined reactors.


Working with agents and distributors in selected countries in Asia, Denim Care is committed to be a supplier of high quality and value products at the same time giving its utmost consideration and value to the environment. Satisfaction & peace of mind is what we promised our customers but above it all you can be sure that in Denim Care we hold true to our promise of non stop technical support and product innovation & competitiveness.